Hotline CRM allows you to conveniently communicate via accounts and bots with users in any Telegram application via a private group by your team.

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Telegram-CRM for Telegram teams

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Current status: public release, v1
A separate dialog (topic) is created for each user in a private group with members of your team. The composition of the employee group is determined by its administrator.
When communicating, you can use stickers, emoji, formatting, send audio and video messages, and attach files.

The system allows many possibilities of integration with external systems to adapt to the processes of a particular team.
The topics you want can be pinned or quickly found through a search, including #tags.
The CRM interface becomes the Telegram app itself.

Switching to personal correspondence, other groups or channels is instantaneous.

You can respond to users from any of your devices, wherever you are.
For speed and convenience, we named the system Hotline!
Each dialog has a status:
new message
awaiting response from the user
request is closed
When communicating, you can use
/ comments with teammates @mentions, as well as /actions to invoke special commands or to change the status of a request.
Hotline CRM connects to any Telegram account or bot already running on any engine in just a few minutes.

Users interact with your account or bot as usual, the system does not affect any bot functions, except the flow of messages with the user

Who are the Telegram Teams

Usually these are small teams of two to ten people who are used to communicating with each other, as well as with their partners and clients via Telegram. They often develop their own bots, communities, or channels.

The teams' focus is on Telegram, and using any additional software to interact with the flow of customers is very inconvenient. Also these teams often don't need complex and expensive installation systems, since they need to be able to change quickly.

This is how the SIP.TG project team looks like, where Hotline CRM appeared and develops. If you're reading these lines, your team is probably somewhat similar!
Hotline CRM instantly improves the processing of applications for teams of 2 to 10 people.
Hotline can be connected to any of your bot or Telegram accounts in literally a couple minutes with our setup bot.

Ways to try Hotline CRM

Try our demo bot or demo account (which you can even call) to become part of the system's experimental support team by its own users.
You can write your questions to our support team (using Hotline through a bot or account) and ask for a demonstration of the full version of the system.

Cost and system versions

Hotline CRM has already been tested on thousands of dialogs, it is conceptual, minimalistic and very effective.
At the moment we provide our first customers with the system in use without the need to pay in return for Hotline ads when users access it.

If you need to remove system ads, contact our support team and we will agree on a comfortable rate for you.
Desktops, tablets, smartphones, clocks, TVs, any operating system iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Xbox, as well as the web version of Telegram. Now your CRM is with you everywhere!

Works steadily in any Telegram app for any type of device

You can connect any number of bots to different topic groups with any set of employees or combine requests from multiple bots in one group. Collecting applications from multiple sources is no longer a problem!

Connects to any bots on any engine without changing the principle of their work

Stickers, emoji, audio and video messages with transcripts, forwarding files and photos, #tags, @mentions of colleagues, pins of messages and threads, search. Everything you're used to!

Opens up the full range
of Telegram dialogs

Communicate with each other within requests / comments, get additional /info about the client, change the status of requests /wait /hold /close, there is even a /ban for special cases. The set of actions can be supplemented.

Handy / comments and /actions for typical operations

Instantly switch to personal communication, organize pesonal groups and calls with clients or partners, customize group composition, notifications, interface language. You're on Telegram, enjoy!

Saves the context and all important Telegram functions

Hotline CRM easily integrates with external systems and adapts to specific team processes.
More on customization (coming soon)

Frequent Questions

Hotline CRM is a product from the SIP.TG team, which introduced the world's first cloud-based gateway for voice calls between Telegram and SIP telephony. Learn more about us and our great products!
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