Conveniently communicate with your users through a private topic group right in Telegram without switching to web accounts. A super solution for support services and sales teams.

Coolest Telegram-CRM
for small teams!

If you are looking for a solution for support bot, feedback bot or helpdesk bot в Telegramthen Hotline copes well with these tasks, but also works with regular user accounts.

Connection in 3 simple steps:


Connect the group to your bot or account via @hotlinetg_bot

Follow the instructions in the bot, just press a few buttons and the connection will be ready for testing!
2 minutes

Make it private Telegram group, activate topics in it

Later, you can invite your entire team to this group, through which communication with users and the team will take place
2 minutes

Choose how to receive applications from users, through a bot or account

Bots are easy to create and add functions, but through accounts you can write first and publish Stories
1 minute

Now for each user who writes to your bot or group account, a separate topic (section) will be created through which you can conveniently communicate with him the whole team.

Watch a video about how simple and organic group work is.


The group administrator can invite new team members to work on requests at any time.
You can use it in messages stickers, emoji, formatting, sending audio and video messages, attaching files.
For every request there is a status:
When communicating in a group, you can use
/ comments с @mentions employees, as well as /actions to call special commands or change the status of a request.
Topics are possible kick or quickly find through Search, including #tags.
new message
We are waiting for a response from the user
appeal closed
Users write to your bot or account as usual and receive a Welcome message.

Messages from the user are broadcast to a private group, where any team member can answer them, the answers are broadcast on behalf of the bot or account back to the user.

All communication takes place directly in Telegram, from any device, wherever you are. Switching to personal correspondence, other groups or channels happens instantly.

For speed and ease of use
we called the system Hotline!

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Cost and system versions

Contains a required mention Hotline in the welcome message.

Connects independently via a setup bot.

Free version

Paid version

Allows you to completely disable the automatic greeting and request special options for the system that are not available in the setup bot.

Connected via support service.
Hotline CRM Already tested on thousands of dialogues, it is conceptual, minimalistic and very effective.
Desktop, tablets, smartphones, watches, TVs, running any operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Xbox, as well as the web version of Telegram. Now yours CRM with you everywhere!

Works stably in any Telegram application for any type of device

You can also connect any number of bots to different topic groups with any set of employees or combine requests from several bots in one group. Managing multiple projects is no longer a problem!

Allows PARALLEL connection of bots
to expand functionality

Stickers, emojis, audio and video messages with transcripts, sending files and photos, #tags, @mentions of colleagues, pins of messages and topics, search. Everything you are already used to!

Opens up a whole range of possibilities
Telegram dialogues

Communicate with each other within applications / comments, get additional /info about the client, write first via /new, change request statuses /wait /hold /close, there is even /ban for special occasions. The set of actions can be expanded.

Convenient /comments and /actions
for standard operations

Instantly switch to personal communication, organize personal groups and calls with clients or partners, configure group composition, notifications, and interface language. You are on Telegram, enjoy!

Preserves context and all important
Telegram functions

Find out more about the possibilities Hotline CRM in the knowledge base

Quick testing

Hotline CRM can be connected on top of almost any existing bot without affecting its operation in any way.

By parallel connection mode Hotline can be tested simultaneously with your existing system, or expand the functionality of an existing bot.

Try sending your bot token during installation and see how it works!

Frequent Questions